About This Blog

I am neither a clever man nor a Batman fanatic but I’m tickled that repo-me-this, a play on the Riddler’s catchphrase, was an unregistered domain.  It characterizes my software development journey – a long, winding road full of riddles, puzzles, and ‘Ah-ha!‘ moments.  

I have no expectations that this blog will contribute anything new, novel, or groundbreaking to the internet.  I doubt my posts will be entertaining or eagerly anticipated by RSS subscribers (does anyone still use RSS?).  My purpose, therefore, is three-fold: document my growth and progress as a developer, create a repository of solutions I can reference when re-encountering familiar problems, and add small tutorials and explainers to the internet to complement the body of knowledge explained from other perspectives.  The vast majority of my projects require hours of searching for techniques, solutions, or documentation explaining the theoretical basis for my work or a technical solution.  I’ve found my projects easier when more variations of the same problem are solved in forums, blogs, etc.  My hope is that this blog will be useful for someone when combined with pieces of other knowledge in other forms.

About Me

I am a problem-solver, a thinker, and a sucker for learning.  And a slave to an outdated double-space-after-a-period typing habit.  I start projects with great enthusiasm, create my own scope creep, and frequently fail to finish them as originally envisioned (although I learn a lot in the process).  As I mature in this industry, my goal is to learn and practice better project management techniques that reduce my impulse to add new techniques or features before the system even functions.  Feel free to mentor me through this process.